for offshore heavy lifting

Is a handbook for the engineer who is new in the field of rigging design for offshore heavy lifting. Basic information for calculating geometries, loads, eccentricities of loads, features of rigging elements and factors of safety are all made clear.

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Get an idea about the book by its preface, table of contents, abstracts and the author's background.

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About the author

Ing. Willy Leefmans studied naval architecture, has spent a great part of his career with the offshore installation industry, busy also in designing rigging arrangements for offshore heavy lifting. He was with quite a number of heavy lift contractors and an operator in quite some countries, as a contract worker. From his experienced engineering colleagues with all those different companies he had learned what is best practice in producing common heavy lift rigging designs and how to find effective solutions for odd cases. 

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The book is filled with explanatory illustrations.

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